Aug 05 2012

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8/9 Meeting Guest Speaker: Jay DeLancy, Director of Voter Integrity Project

Jay DeLancy, Director of Voter Integrity Project of North Carolina, will be our guest speaker this week.
Voter Integrity Project (VIP) is a non-partisan non-profit organization. While some have made election-law reform into a partisan issue, we view it as a constitutional issue, much bigger than any political party. Our purpose is to organize, train, and equip people who want to ensure that our elections are fair and free. We are dedicated to protecting the rights of all lawfully registered voters. The only condition for Voter Integrity Project volunteers is that all must agree to support and defend the constitution of this great nation. The actual work that volunteers do will depend on their experience, talents, and interests. All parties are welcome, since protecting the ballot box should be less of a partisan issue and more of a constitutional one.

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